Born in the small town of Greentown, Indiana, Ryan Greggory Hensler now calls Kokomo, Indiana home. He lives there with his wife, Lori, daughter, Savannah, and dog, Macintosh. For those that wonder where he got the broadcast name of “Ryan Greggory”, Greggory is his middle name, after his father’s first name.

When Ryan’s not spending time with family, his professional pursuits include broadcasting, information technology, information security, media production, and meteorology. While that seems like a diverse list, it all fits into Ryan’s wheelhouse quite nicely. Ryan works full time for one of the nation’s larger radio companies. Ryan spends most of his time bridging the ever-narrowing gap between broadcast engineering and information technology. Sprinkled in there, Ryan also does some graphic design, writing, and broadcast meteorology.

Ryan holds a dual Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree from Ball State University. He majored in Telecommunications which covered broadcasting, video production, audio recording, interactive media, and web design. His Bachelor of Science degree is in Geography, but that’s simply because Ball State houses their meteorology program within their Department of Geography. Ryan studied operational meteorology and climatology with a specialization in professional meteorology, meaning Ryan is a degreed meteorologist. The term “meteorologist” can be used by practically anybody, but Ryan’s degree from Ball State meets the qualifications as defined by the American Meteorological Society for him to be called a Meteorologist.

During the times that Ryan isn’t behind a microphone or fixing a microphone, he works to maintain a couple of productive business ventures or “side hustles” as he calls them. Ryan founded Hensler Media Solutions, LLC in July 2007, and he’s kept busy with various projects ever since. Through HMS, Ryan does media production, technical services, and consulting. Ryan even has a standing contract with infotex, Inc. of Dayton, Indiana to work as a Senior NOC Associate for them.

In 2014, Ryan started Omega Meteorology LLC. Omega generated revenue through specialized weather forecasting, consulting, and forensic work. Ryan operated this business until it’s closure in 2020.

Photo of Savannah Joy Hensler

As life tends to ebb and flow, market demands and life circumstances have a way of opening and closing certain doors. As Ryan closed the door on his weather business, he has shifted his professional pursuits into the field of information security. At the end of 2020, Ryan earned the ISC2 certification for Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Ryan also enjoys playing and listening to music. From an early age, Ryan’s gift for music was readily apparent. With little instruction, he began playing the piano by ear. Eventually, he developed a mastery of the piano keyboard. Now Ryan is a musical composer and arranger. He is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). When Ryan’s not making music, he enjoys amateur radio. His ham radio call sign is K9MET.

Ryan married his wife, Lori, in 2008. Then in November of 2013, they welcomed their daughter Savannah Joy into the world. Savannah has a rare group of medical conditions known as Heterotaxy Syndrome. She’s had two open-heart surgeries, many heart caths, countless doctor’s appointments, and carries additional diagnoses like asplenia, autism, and developmental language disorder.

You can learn more about Savannah’s medical conditions and her family’s journey by visiting Savannah’s Heart.