Over the past week, I’ve been listening to this song nearly nonstop. I wanted to share this with you, but there is a bit of a backstory. In a weird turn of events, I got introduced to this Christian music artist named Charity Gayle.

Several weeks ago, I had a severe complication from surgery that left me with staples in my back. Since my surgeon passed my care off to infectious disease, I needed to get my staples out before I could get into see a clinician. We found a solution in my little sister, RN, soon to be NP. She agreed to remove those itchy boogers, I mean staples.

One night, we arranged for me to meet them at her house. When I arrived, Meredith’s toddler was jamming out to several Sharity Gayle videos from YouTube. She sang along and knew every word. Meanwhile, I had never heard of Charity Gayle. I’ve been pretty far removed from the contemporary Christian worship scene for a long time. Truthfully, I don’t think I’ve played piano in a church since 2017 when I played for a concert.

Anyway, that night I was wowed. As I watched and listened, I was amazed. It was more than her vocal talent. The lyrics were inspired. The music was natural and genuine. The worship was divine and pure. It felt like home.

After I left my sister’s house that evening, I got back home and looked up this artist named, Charity Gayle.

I encourage you to unplug from the world for a bit and listen to some of Charity’s music.

You can read the lyrics of this song on Charity’s website:


You can also follow Charity on Facebook:


Also, Steven Musso on keys is legit. Some of those runs are not easy in E flat major.


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