I’ve encountered such immense misinformation surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines, even in conversations with my own friends and family. It’s about time we have hard conversations about #truth. Not everything you see online or hear through the gossip mill about the COVID vaccine is rooted in truth. This idea that everyone should “make their own decisions” and “find their own truth” regarding vaccination is dangerous.

Since when have experts in their field (who have worked and studied for years to become an expert) become equal to that dude’s page on Facebook or that lady on YouTube? Do you realize that anyone can create a website? Anyone can create a Facebook page. Anyone can start a podcast. Anyone can post videos on YouTube!

As a meteorologist, I’ve been to college to learn the science of meteorology and the art of weather forecasting. Now let’s say, I, as a meteorologist, come to you and say, “You need to take cover right now. Your house is going to be wiped out by a tornado in a few minutes.” But now your neighbor who has no training in meteorology overhears our conversation and interjects, “Oh, please. The weatherman is overreacting. Sit out here and watch the storm with me from my front porch. It will go past us!”

Whom are you going to believe? Me, the meteorologist who spent years and years learning about the weather and forecasting the weather? Or will you ignore me and sit on your neighbor’s front porch while the dangerous storm passes?

Right now, we are in a very dangerous storm. This storm has killed MILLIONS of people worldwide. Even if you’ve weathered the storm of COVID and survived, there’s no guarantee that another round won’t wipe you out. Even if you’re a lone wolf who does whatever the hell you want, you have to realize that the issue of vaccination is not about you. By the statistics, you will most likely weather the storm of COVID. Unfortunately, the storm may still affect your neighbor. Your parents. Your grandparents. Or the random person you walk past in the grocery store.

The COVID-19 vaccines that are approved in the United States are extremely safe. So far, 230 million doses of COVID vaccines have been given in the US alone. When you examine vaccination statistics that combine the world’s vaccination efforts, you’ll see that more than ONE BILLION vaccine doses have been administered globally.

Has there been mass death? No. Are the vaccines making people sterile and unable to have children? No. Most of the “imagined” side effects are inflamed and over-exaggerated from actual effects. The three FDA-approved vaccines are safe and effective. Even if you’ve had COVID already, you still need to get vaccinated.

As I’ve told my extended family, we won’t be around you unless you’re fully vaccinated plus two weeks. That rule is straight from Savannah’s immunologist. We have to protect Savannah until she can be vaccinated, and we can run blood work that shows her immune system has responded appropriately. We have to protect each other, and right now, that means getting vaccinated!

Here are some links from the actual scientists who are truly experts in the fight against COVID:


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