I’m not a jack-of-all-trades. Cars, for example, are not my jam! Rather, I get bored with only a single field of study. For me, life is about being a student your whole life, not merely while you’re in school.

I went to college to study two fields: meteorology and media production. Through my hobbies, I’ve become a student of music, technology, and business. These fields are where I’ve concentrated my learning in life, so it’s these topics that I share with the world.

Ryan Signature

PS: I am seeking a new full-time job in IT, Broadcast Engineering, or Information Security. You can learn more about my job search here and check out my latest résumé too.

The Business Man

Since founding his earliest video production service, Hensler Productions, in 2004, Ryan has built his business acumen through real-world hard work at the school of hard knocks. Now Ryan seeks to help other entrepreneurs and business executives who truly need a breakthrough. As a Business Executive Coach, Ryan works one-on-one with leaders and helps them tackle the systematic, psychological, and spiritual barriers that are hindering them from achieving high performance, prolific output, and joy that motivates them through even the hardest days.

Coaching services start as low as $1,000 per month, so contact our office today to schedule a free introductory consultation.

The Technology Man

As an IT Manager, Broadcast IT Engineer, and a Senior Data Security Analyst for many years, Ryan has accumulated a deep knowledge of computers, networking, audio, codecs, and information security. Ryan has helped clients by designing, installing, and maintaining information networks that support computers, VoIP phones, wireless users, security systems, and other internet of things devices. With security at the forefront, Ryan can help you balance usability with risk. Hensler Engineering is a division of Hensler Media Solutions.

The Media Man

For over two decades, Ryan has studied how to tell stories through visual and auditory mediums. If you’d like to work with Ryan to tell your story or be a part of your project, Hensler Media Solutions stands ready to assist.

The Music Man

Ryan won’t be leading 76 trombones any time soon, but he loves to spend time in the recording studio behind a grand piano. He also enjoys writing and arranging music. If you’d like to schedule a concert or learn more about Ryan’s musical services, please contact our office.

The Weather Man

Ryan is a degreed meteorologist with extensive experience in operational forecasting and broadcast meteorology. Alas, Ryan doesn’t get to use his meteorology degree much anymore. He still enjoys getting to take his 2-meter radio out into the field and chase a good thunderstorm. You can take the meteorologist out of the weather business, but you can’t take the weather out of the meteorologist!