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The Wynterbrooke Company is a creative business venture that serves as the parent company of musical,  literary, and intellectual property holdings and management entities. Wynterbrooke’s business portfolio includes properties operated by Ryan & Lori Hensler along with other members.

This is a purpose-driven company. It’s more than writing books, recording music, creating media, and turning a profit. That’s merely what we do. This company exists not to fulfill a “what”, but rather a “why”. We started this company to fulfill a mission. It’s not just any mission either. It’s the mission for which God put us on this earth.

Our mission is to be a positive force for change in a world in need of hope.

This life is hard. As the minutes, hours, days, weeks, years, and decades roll by, we continue to fight battles of health, finances, business, relationships and more. Some are of our own choosing or consequence, while others are thrust upon us by life.

We hope our work and our projects serve to lighten that load, even if for a short time. We hope to encourage others by sharing stories, information, training, art, music, podcasts, and other creative media that helps them along the way.

Harpkey Consulting

Along with Hensler Music LLC and RGH IP Holdings LLC, Harpkey Consulting is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Wynterbrooke Company. Harpkey Consulting exists to help entrepreneurs and business leaders take their business to the next level by focusing on specific limiting factors within their business. We solve problems, so you can get results.

To learn more about the work of Ryan Hensler with Harpkey Consulting, please visit our coaching and consulting page.


Ryan G Hensler maintains an indirect ownership stake in The Wynterbrooke Company LLC. This informational listing does not constitute an endorsement by The Wynterbrooke Company of Ryan G Hensler, any other content included on this website, or any other entities or brands wholly or partially owned by, contracting with, employing, and/or otherwise affiliated with Ryan G Hensler. This company listing is for informational purposes only.